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Shangri-la blinds
Shangri-la is a soft, light diffusing vane and double sheer fabric blend to create a unique visualclassother

"Honeycomb shades provide excellent insulation from heat and cold, light control, sound absorption, with unrivaled elegance.

Honeycomb shandes feature hidden cord holes with the smallest light gaps in the industry for privacy and security.

Sweet honeycomb shades are available in a full range of contemporany fashion colors and a variety of pleat size.

" experience.

Completely open, Completely closed or any where in between, bring shangri-la into your world.

Shangri-la's cord system gives you full flexibilyty and full view in many positions!
Slat Size: 2 or 3 inch

Material: sheer fabric(100% polyester)

Fabric width: 270cm

Color: any color available

Shade Can Be Partially Raised with Vanes Open
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blackout shangri-la blinds 2.x  shangri-la shades (1)  shangri-la shades (2)  shangri-la shades (3) 
shangrila.ym  shangrilablinds.ym  translucent shangri la blinds.x  verman blinds1 
Color/Texture Options

shangri-la blinds.A-01

shangri-la blinds.A-02

shangri-la blinds.A-03

shangri-la blinds.A-04

shangri-la blinds.A-05

shangri-la blinds.D-01

shangri-la blinds.D-02

shangri-la blinds.D-03

shangri-la blinds.D-04

shangri-la blinds.D-05

shangri-la blinds.X-01

shangri-la blinds.X-02

shangri-la blinds.X-03

shangri-la blinds.X-04

shangri-la blinds.X-05

shangri-la blinds.X-06


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